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Author: Richard Dowinton

Splash 2.0 Is Here with Qt 5 and Python 3

We’re pleased to announce that Splash 2.0 is officially live after many months of hard work.

Python 3 is Coming to Scrapy

Parse Natural Language Dates with Dateparser

We recently released Dateparser 0.3.1 with support for Belarusian and Indonesian, as well as the Jalali calendar used in Iran and Afghanistan. With this in mind, we’re taking the opportunity to introduce and demonstrate the features of Dateparser.

EuroPython 2015

EuroPython 2015 is happening this week and we’re having the largest company meetup so far as a part of it, with more than 30 members from our fully remote-working team attending. The event which is held in Bilbao started on Monday and is providing great quality talks, sessions and plenty of tasty Spanish dishes.

StartupChats Remote Working Q&A

Earlier this week, Scrapinghub was invited along with several other fully-distributed companies to participate in a remote working Q&A hosted by Startups Canada.

PyCon Philippines 2015

Earlier this month we attended PyCon Philippines as a gold sponsor, presenting on the 2nd day. This was particularly exciting as it was the first time the whole Philippines team was together in one place and it was nice meeting each other in person!

Link Analysis Algorithms Explained

When scraping content from the web, you often crawl websites which you have no prior knowledge of. Link analysis algorithms are incredibly useful in these scenarios to guide the crawler to relevant pages.

Aduana: Link Analysis with Frontera

It's not uncommon to need to crawl a large number of unfamiliar websites when gathering content. Page ranking algorithms are incredibly useful in these scenarios as it can be tricky to determine which pages are relevant to the content you're looking for.

Gender Inequality Across Programming Languages

Gender inequality is a hot topic in the tech industry. Over the last several years we’ve gathered business profiles for our clients, and we realised this data would prove useful in identifying trends in how gender and employment relate to one another.

A Career in Remote Working

This year I have reached a major milestone in my life, which is getting my bachelor's degree in mathematics. When I made the decision to go back to college, it was solely because my experience working at Scrapinghub, I figured out that having a math background would be a great foundation for getting into ML-related stuff.