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Author: Pablo Hoffman

Scrapy 0.14 released

After 10 months of work, and many changes, we are pleased to announce the release of Scrapy 0.14.

Dirbot - a new example Scrapy project

Scrapy users have complained in the past about the lack of a pre-built example project that contains, for example, the dmoz spider described in the tutorial.

Introducing w3lib and scrapely

In an effort to make Scrapy code smaller and more reusable, we’ve been working on splitting the Scrapy codebase into two different modules:

Scrapy 0.12 released

Hello everyone, we’re pleased to announce the release of Scrapy 0.12!

Spoofing your Scrapy bot IP using tsocks

It is well known that many websites show different content depending on the region where they’re accessed. For example, some retailer sites show products available only for the region (US, Europe) of the user accessing the site.

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