Splash 2.0 Is Here with Qt 5 and Python 3

We’re pleased to announce that Splash 2.0 is officially live after many months of hard work.

Migrate your Kimono Projects to Portia

Heads up, Kimono Labs users!

Scrapy Tips from the Pros: February 2016 Edition

Welcome to the February Edition of Scrapy Tips from the Pros. Each month we’ll release a few tips and hacks that we’ve developed to help make your Scrapy workflow go more smoothly.

Portia: The Open Source Alternative to Kimono Labs

Attention Kimono users: we've created an exporter so you can easily convert your projects from Kimono to Portia!

Imagine your business depended heavily on a third party tool and one day that company decided to shut down its service with only 2 weeks notice. That, unfortunately, is what happened to users of Kimono Labs yesterday.

And it’s one of the many reasons why we love open source so much.


Web Scraping Finds Stores Guilty of Price Inflation

This is the last post ending a series of articles that have traced the prices of some of the top gifts, gadgets, and gizmos from Black Friday 2015 through to January 2016.

Python 3 is Coming to Scrapy

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