A Little About Us

A Little About Us


At Scrapinghub, we provide web data in a usable format. We offer leading technology and consulting services to deliver successful web crawling and data processing solutions. We are also the largest 100% remote company based outside of the U.S.

Our two Co-Founders developed Scrapy, the open source web scraping framework. We maintain this project and our product offerings were created to scale and improve your web scraping experience.

We have partnered with many pioneers in the business and tech industries and we have a wealth of domain expertise. Whatever data you need, and however you need it, we’re the best team to deliver it!

Our products empower our users to scrape data quickly and effectively using open source technologies. We offer:

  • Splash: Headless browser to render JavaScript based pages
  • Frontera: build large scale web crawlers in Python
  • Portia: a Visual Scraping tool that lets you get data without writing any code (100% open source with hosted version available)
  • Scrapy Cloud: a cloud-based platform to help you scale your crawlers
  • Crawlera: a smart proxy rotator to crawl the web without getting banned
  • Professional Services to handle web scraping and data mining for you
  • Off-the-shelf datasets so you can get data hassle-free

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We have plenty of articles on tips and tricks for maximizing your web scraping projects. These are featured alongside posts on remote work, case studies, partner interviews, and product release announcements. So kick back, relax and take your time exploring our blog.