Marcos Campal Is a ScrapingHubber!

We’re excited to welcome Marcos Campal to the Scrapinghub engineering team.

Marcos has a strong academic background in NLP, machine learning and general data processing. During his college years, he taught C Programming, Language Theory, Machine Learning and Information Retrieval courses at the State University in Montevideo.

He then moved to Europe where he worked in Germany and finally settled in Ireland where he joined Google and worked there for almost 3 years, making heavy use of Python and processing lots of data using their well-known MapReduce framework.

He returned to Uruguay 3 years ago and built an iOS games development company, most known for their Conquist saga (which is rated 4.5 stars and reached #1 Top Paid game in many countries).

He likes cooking and is willing to organize the weekly soccer match for the Uruguayan team, although we think he doesn't realize the full extent of that challenge.

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