Introducing Crawlera, a Smart Page Downloader

We are proud to introduce Crawlera, a smart web downloader designed specifically for web crawling.

Crawlera routes requests through a large, distributed pool of IPs, throttling access by introducing (carefully crafted) delays and discarding IPs from the pool when they get banned from certain domains, or have other problems. As a scraping user, you no longer have to worry about tinkering with download delays, concurrent requests, user agents, cookies or referrers to avoid getting banned or throttled, you just configure your crawler to download pages through Crawlera and relax.

Crawlera supports HTTPS and POST requests, and a HTTP Proxy API for seamless configuration. It also supports custom region routing (only US supported for now, more regions to come).

To learn more or sign up (public beta is open!) please visit the Crawlera home page.

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